Gillette Construction charges a fixed fee, based on the living square footage of a project, for project management and construction supervision including:

  • An AIA Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor where the basis for payment is the Cost of the Work Plus a Fee.
  • Working with the architect in establishing preconstruction goals, project strategy, and construction schedule.
  • A conceptual estimate illustrating various levels of finish applied to a given square footage.
  • A schematic estimate based on a quantity survey of the Design Review Board submittal with applied historical pricing.
  • Recommendations and consultation from a construction viewpoint, prior to and during the preparation of the drawings and specifications.
  • Value engineering to determine the products and systems that deliver the greatest benefit. 
  • Assistance in meeting the requirements of the local building department and any other local authorities having jurisdiction over the project.
  • Calculation of a United States Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes preliminary rating.
  • Evaluation of the home’s specification against the United States Department of Energy’s Energy Star National Prescriptive Path.
  • Calculation of the International Energy Conservation Code Prescriptive Package Worksheet (REScheck).
  • Pre-qualifying subcontractors and vendors and the preparation of a bid list.
  • The generation of bid instructions and specifications for each scope of work based on the permit submittal.
  • Open book, competitive bidding and bid analysis of each scope of work.
  • The generation and award of AIA subcontracts for each scope of work.
  • A construction budget based on the results of the competitive bidding process. Any savings from the construction budget will accrue 100% to the owner.
  • The monthly invoicing of material, subcontracts, and other costs of construction, to the owner at the exact cost they are billed to Gillette Construction.  All vendor invoicing is provided as backup to monthly payment applications. Each payment application includes a budget variance report and updated construction schedule.
  • Organization and attendance of Owner, Architect, Contractor meetings as required by the project.
  • Review of shop drawings and material submittals in order to assure the client, the Architect, and any consultants, that the products are in compliance with those specified in the construction documents.
  • The supervision of all subcontractors and labor.
  • Weekly progress updates and construction photos.
  • A project website that includes access to the construction documents, budgets, payment applications, progress reports and photos.
  • The organization and preparation of as-built drawings, owner’s manuals, maintenance schedules, and a list of qualified maintenance contractors.
  • Telephone, data, and office supply expenses directly or indirectly related to the job (both onsite and offsite).
  • All accounting and office support / consultants.
  • Truck expenses, including fuel and maintenance, necessary for local day-to-day construction activities.

No additional management fee is charged on changes to the work.    However, the total cost of the work is subject to a 2% direct overhead fee, which covers the cost of the general liability insurance premiums that relate to the project.  This fee structure benefits the client by eliminating any incentive to drive cost and enhancing the incentive to finish the project on schedule