PRECONSTRUCTION SERVICE produces tangible benefits through early involvement in the project. In consulting with clients and their designers, prior to and during the preparation of drawings and specifications, we have the greatest opportunity to assure that the scheduling and budgeting requirements for a project will met.  Detailed budget estimates are formed from quantity surveys of these documents. As the design progresses, you and your architect will be advised of the necessary steps that must be taken to maintain the budget.  Subcontractors are pre-qualified and bid lists are created.  Ultimately, competitive bid packages are developed, circulated, and analyzed, to ensure that you are receiving value from the marketplace.  A realistic delivery schedule and cash flow forecast are delivered prior to completion of the construction documents and the start of construction. We will assist you in navigating the local building department and other authorities regulating the construction of your project.


A project manager is assigned full time to an individual project and is responsible for budget and schedule updates, the award of subcontracts, managing changes in the work, invoicing, and the dissemination of project information. The manager will be involved from groundbreaking through completion and supervise day-to-day scheduling, quality control and safety. The manager works with the on-site labor forces to proactively resolve problems that may arise during the construction phase.


Gillette Construction recognizes that our homes will stand long after delivering a certificate of occupancy to our clients.  A maintenance program is developed for each project and delivered with a comprehensive set of as-built drawings.  A directory of proven property managers and maintenance subcontractors is presented for our client's consideration.  Gillette Construction is available to leverage subcontractors if the need arises.